Buying A Holiday Home In Italy

Avoid pitfalls when buying a holiday home in Italy, rely on an expert Italian real estate lawyer

Over the years, we have provided fully legal assistance to US, UK, Australian citizens involved in complex Italian real estate transactions.

The purchase of a house is always an important step in our lives. Just as sale of a property marks a moment dense in meaning: varying from investment to transformation of one’s assets, and from need to generational changes. In both cases the purchase or sale of a property is not something to be taken lightly.

In fact these are extremely complex operations dense in snares, which cannot be undertaken without the advice of an expert. Are you in a position to know what are the rights and obligations both of the seller and of the purchaser? And, above all, have sufficient juridical notions to avoid unpleasant surprises both if you are selling and if you are purchasing a property? If this is not the case, then, please, do not hesitate to contact Italian lawyers in London. You won’t get disappointed!

With a solid experience in Italian real estate transactions, you will safely step into the difficult world of the purchase/sale of real estate, so achieving your objective satisfactorily and securely.

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The Process
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The Italian Real Estate Process

Find Out The Steps you Must Go Through ToBuy Or Sell An Italian Real Estate

Whether you are going to buy or sell an Italian asset, you will have to:

  1. Liaise with an estate agent to either put your property up to sale or seek a suitable holiday home in Italy.
  2. Undertake due diligence on both the seller/buyer and its Italian property to ascertain that no troubles are behind the corner.
  3. From the buyer’s viewpoint, make a non-binding purchase offer to the seller.
  4. Negotiate, draft, and finalise a preliminary contract of sale. This contract outlines the ground of the purchase process, spelling out the essential contracting terms on which the parties have already reached an agreement, including a closing date to complete the purchase.
  5. Formalise the sale/purchase with a deed of sale which will be signed off in front of an Italian Notary.

Of course, upon your specific circumstances, you will likely have to take further actions. For example, you may require somebody else to represent yourself in from of the Notary.

Please do not be afraid, here we are to help you with any questions you might have.

Italian Real Estate Expenses
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Buying A Holiday Home In Italy

What Expenses To Expect? According to, please note the following:


These will generally be in the region of 3-8 % of the price of the company. To avoid likely problems, and before undertaking any activities, make sure you and the estate agent agree on a specific fee.


This is a down payment due upon the execution of the preliminary contract, generally fixed in the region of 10-20 % of the total property price.


Subject to the sale price, these fees do not exceed 2.5-3 % of the total cost of the property.


A fixed lump sum of about €130 for the main residence. If you are non-resident, you will pay 1 % of the purchase price.

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