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Whether you are an individual or a business, we can help you navigate your contract and avoid going to the Court should a breach of agreement comes out. 

Alt = commercial contract law

Commercial contract law is our core activity. We have experience assisting clients with commercial contracts issues, both at national and international level.

How do we work?

We always have a chat with you to appreciate your specific situation, to have a better understanding of your contractual goals and commitments, and to deliver you a bespoke business contract. A contract that reflects your commercial needs being clear, completed, and balanced as well as easy to understand regardless the complexity of your matter.

We are also fully prepared to litigate breach of agreement issues and any other contract disputes matters. To do so, we generally try to avoid going to the court as it can take a long time to settle a dispute therein – it may be quite expensive too. What we do is different. According to the terms set out in your contract, we first try to settle your dispute in an amicable way and therefore – only if such attempt does not work out – bring the case in front of the relevant Court.

Please do not be concerned about commercial contract law, rely on our expertise. You won’t be disappointed.

Types of business contract we are specialised in.

At Italian lawyers in London, we have extensive experience handling all matters related to business contracts. We offer bespoke advice and assistance step by step on the following:

  • Distribution Agreement
  • Agency Agreement
  • Joint Venture
  • Partnership agreement
  • Licensing agreement
  • Contract of Sale
  • Real estate agreement
  • Share and purchase agreement
  • Franchising
  • and any other commercial international agreement.
Please do not be concern about commercial contract law issues. Send us a message with your enquiry, and we will be more than happier to answer any questions you may have. Call us +44 20 32399065. 

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