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A family legal advice is not a simple matter as it requires a lot of attention to any single details. We have experience assisting clients with family issues, both in Italy and the U.K.    

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If you are facing either a separation or a divorce, we can help you navigate the complex family laws and regulations, and address financial issues, property settlements, and any other issues relating to your children.

As family law covers a huge number of areas, such as marriage and civil partnership, cohabitation, separation, and domestic violence, and delicate issues are often involved, we will only act after an in-depth consultation with you and your partner. Afterwards, we will undertake an analysis of your case and point you out the grounds upon which we will be acting on your behalf.

We take care of your family issue and treat it as more than just a workflow. Please feel free to discuss further your situation with us before assuming a relevant decision on these matters.

Family legal advice: learn more about the differences between a legal separation and divorce placed in Italy.

According to the Italian law system, a separation does not break definitely a marriage so any couples may be able to reconcile at any time through an ad hoc declaration: a separation breaks the fidelity and cohabitation duties only. As opposed, a divorce produces the effective dissolution of a marriage: legal duties and responsibilities, as well as any legal constraints, cease being in force between the partners.

Do not understand what situation fits your case? No worries, get in touch with us. We will provide you with a clear explanation of your matter at a very competitive rate.

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