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How To Get Italian Citizenship

Over the years, we have provided fully legal assistance to US, UK, Australian citizens interested in applying for  Italian citizenship.

Has your Italian citizenship application form been denied? Are you waiting too long? Do you have any issues regarding Italian immigration matters? Well, it looks like you’re in the right place to get legal help.

Italian lawyers in London offers bespoke legal advice and assistance to individuals with issues relating to Italian citizenship and immigration law. We deal with the Italian Courts, the Consulates, and the Italian Town Halls (Comuni) on a daily basis. Therefore, we make your matter much easier by spreading your application process, and defending and representing you in front of the Italian Courts. We collaborate with several law firms established in Italy, both in Northern and southern Italy.

We guide you through the process by assessing your case, reviewing any documents and certificates, and requesting any missing paperwork to the relevant Italian authority. Once done so, we draft note of advice to highlight your eligibility rights. We file the Italian citizenship application form on your behalf only when we believe it may succeed.

Worried about how to get Italian citizenship? Find out if you qualify. Browse the following sections and do not hesitate to contact us for any help you might need. Call us on + 442032399065. An Italian citizenship lawyer will get in touch with you shortly.

The Process
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The Italian Citizenship Process

Find Out The Steps you Must Go Through To Get Italian Citizenship

To become an Italian citizen, you must go through the following steps:

  1. Determinate if you are eligible;
  2. Individuate the relevant authority at which you can submit your application form, and therefore book an appointment to do so. For those residing in the U.K, it is the Italian Consulate in London.
  3. Individuate which documents (visa records) and certificates you need to have by law to apply for Italian citizenship.
  4. Obtain the above documents and certificates.
  5. Translate your documents into Italian and “appostile” those coming from outside Italy;
  6. Fill out your application forms for you and your ancestor;
  7. Attend an appointment at the Consulate to follow up with your case;
  8. In case of acceptance, wait for acknowledging and therefore apply for your Italian passport.
Italian Citizenship Benefits
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Italian Dual Citizenship Services

Learn more about the benefits connected with Italian Citizenship


Brexit is looming so it is highly advisable to apply for Italian Citizenship if you are entitled to do so. As an Italian citizen, you may benefit from a wide range of advantages, from working, residing, and studying in Europe without a Visa, to setting up a business entity over the continent, to facing an easier procedure to buy a property in Italy, and to any other right granted to you as a European citizen. To this end, article 20 par.1 of the UE Treaty states that: “every person holding the nationality of a Member State shall be a citizen of the Union.”


Italian citizenship allows you to claim a European Health Insurance Card, which is free of charge and grants you to access health care services while visiting any EU country.


Are you willing to study in a prestigious EU university? Italian citizenship entitles you to attend several high-quality educational courses across the EU without facing expensive rates. You will indeed be subject to the same conditions as nationals and then enjoy all the benefits connected with it.

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